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In this article i will show you how to install MikroTik Router OS on a PCs. Just relax..because this step is very simple and easy to practice at your home. I will Guide you how to install the Router OS step by step. Prepare your pc with minimum requirement: Intel Pentium 3 or pentium 4 with minimal 512 MB storage ( HDD ) and 64 MB Physical Memory. You should buy minimal 1 NIC or Network address Card because the NIC will be used to connetcing the client trhough the internet( On Board and New NIC ). For the first steps, Download the Router OS from official Mikrotik website at this link www.mikrotik.com/download.html and Select system type with PC / x86, Select software type with all version. Download the iso's file. When i wrote this article, The last version of Mikrotik router OS is OS 5.7.

Free Configure MIKROTIK ROUTER OS Tutorial Download

Mikrotik Free Download
After i wrote article about how to install Router OS on a Pc's, Now i will show you how to configure the Mikrotik Router OS as a Internet Gateways. For your information, to setup the Mikrotik Router OS you can use some metode. First, We can configure directly from the pc's . Just turn on the pc and you will show the login screen after the boot process finished.

Second : We can use the small tools from mikrotik with Grapic user Interface,The tools is a magic tools, Mikrotik give the name as Winbox . But on this article i will guide you to setting up the router Os with the first methode. Unfortunetly with this methode you will setup the router with command line interface. But don't worry, you can copy paste my configuration for the first time before you understand the command line function.

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Avro Keyboard is the first free Bangla typing software for Windows. Type Bangla anywhere- write documents, spreadsheets, send Bangla email, chat in Bangla, write Bangla blog or design Bangla web pages, anything is possible! Completely Unicode complaint. Supports all popular methods of Bangla typing – English to Bangla phonetic typing, fixed keyboard layout based typing, and mouse based Bangla typing. With the built in Keyboard Layout Editor, users can also create new Bangla keyboard layouts or edit existing one. User friendly interface, easiest typing system, lots of typing automation tool, free online support makes it the most popular Bangla typing software of today.

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Copy Content or Duplicate content is the worst enemy for any Website or blog and it can cost you a lot if google has found copy content or  duplicate content in your Website or blog. Your website or blog can either be removed from the search engine or your ranking can be dropped for all your targeted keywords.
Now i share a few tool for Identifiying your copy content or Duplicate content checker Tool.
CopyscapeOne of my favorite, reliable and accurate tool is copyscape, which provides me the ability to search published and unpublished articles against duplicate content issue. The tool will search all pdf files, internet websites, blogs, forums etc and find the locations with links from where a article is copied.

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Add The Easy Image Slider To Your Blog

Blogger jQuery
Today i want to bring you another neat Image slideshow for Blogger users.The slide show is simple to add to your blog, looks great and has some neat options.The width can be changed to the size of the area you want it placed on your blog, captions can also be added to the images.Once on your blog it will auto scroll through your images and also has controls for the user to manual scroll.This will look great on Photography Blogs, Business Blogs or for anyone looking to display some cool pics.
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