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♥:-:SEO TOOLS:-:♥

♥:-:SEO TOOLS:-:♥
Check your blog page load time, Google Page Rank, backlinks, broken links, reciprocal link and meta tags right here on ☼⊱~◖ray2ker◗~⊰☼ blog Just enter your domain or your web page URL in the appropriate text box and click Check! button. Results will be displayed below the text box.
All SEO tools below are provided and hosted by iWEBTOOL, except for Google Page Rank checker.

1. Speed tester

Check web page size and load time.
Your domain/web page:
(eg. ray2ker.blogspot.com)
For a more detailed page analysis, try Pingdom.

2. Rank checker

Check Google Page Rank of your domain or web page. Result will be shown in a new window.
Your domain/web page:
This page rank checker is powered by Page Rank Checker
Check backlinks to your domain or web page.
Your domain/web page:
(eg. ray2ker.blogspot.com)
♥:-:SEO TOOLS:-:♥
Check whether your link partner is still linking back to your site.
Your domain:
(You must include http://)
Your partner's URL:
Check for broken links in your web page.
Your web page URL:
(eg. http://ray2ker.blogspot.com/p/sitemap.html)

6. Meta tag checker

Extract your web page's meta information and tags.
Your web page: http://
(eg. ray2ker.blogspot.com/)

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