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[Warning : scam! Facebook dislike button]

Please don’t be too quîck to clîck on lînks claîmîng to “Enable/Actîve Dîslîke Button” on Facebook, as a fast- spreadîng scam has caused problems for socîal networkîng users thîs weekend.

[Grameenphone Internet Pakages]

Grameenphone offers the most affordable internet packages for handset browsing. You can easily connect to internet by availing any of the internet packages offered by Grameenphone.

[send free SMS to worldwide]

Amazing news!!!!!
Now you can send free SMS to any mobile phone in almost any country.
Let's know How to do this...

{~ Easy methods to Stop Blushing ~}

A large amount of people throughout the globe have problems in regards to blushing. Before you recognize it you will be blushing, your mouth is burning off hot in addition to all you should do is remove yourself through the situation. Get as far as straightforward and time for safe flooring. Blushing is mostly caused with the unconscious reaction to a problem. Frequent face blushing can be described as big problem for a few people, it can actually hinder their capability to function correctly in web 2 0 situations while they are at all times to dedicated to their blushi9ng and when others might notice that.

{- Review : Dark circles under eyes -}

I am a day-night internet surfer. I work a lot till late night. One day i wake up in the morning and gone to brush my teeth. Suddenly i saw, there are horrible dark circles on my eyes. I get worried about this. So i search over the internet to  remedial medicine of these dark circles. Then i found a site, where i found a lots of information about Dark Circles. They suggested to drink at least 10 glass of water every day, To stay Hydrated, get enough sleep, avoid rubbing my eyes etc. But i was need a solution to quick remove of these.

[How to see Local Languages(BANGLA,HINDI) in any java enabled mobile]


Today i saw one of my friend asking for English instead of Bangle status message on Facebook. Like those friends i am also didn't know that, how to see Bangla in my phone. Because it is not supported by default. After that,  One month ago i found a tips about "How to see Bangla  in my mobile". Let's see how to do it....

[ROBI internet packages - (including 15% vat).]

ROBI internet packages - (including 15% vat) :
1 MB+1 MMS, 2tk (with vat 2.50tk)*, Validity 1 day. Dial *8444*14#

10 MB+10 MMS, 10tk (with vat 11.50tk)*, Validity 1 day. Dial *8444*80#

10MB, 10tk (with vat 11.50tk)*, Validity 10 day. Dial *8444*10#(only for robi prothom)


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