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{- Review : Dark circles under eyes -}

I am a day-night internet surfer. I work a lot till late night. One day i wake up in the morning and gone to brush my teeth. Suddenly i saw, there are horrible dark circles on my eyes. I get worried about this. So i search over the internet to  remedial medicine of these dark circles. Then i found a site, where i found a lots of information about Dark Circles. They suggested to drink at least 10 glass of water every day, To stay Hydrated, get enough sleep, avoid rubbing my eyes etc. But i was need a solution to quick remove of these.

 After a little bit later i found a good solution of this.
a blog about dark circles.It helps very much to remove my dark circles form my face.
There's also some alternate Methods: Eye Lid Surgery and Botox Injection.
So i try to follow their information, to  get rid of black circles.

Here's some more tips to get rid of dark circles, which i collected from that site:
Reduce Salt Intake. Eat less foods that contain a lot of salt. You body usually retains small amounts of salt in bodily fluids which then form eye bags or dark under-eye circles.
Get enough sleep. the most common cause for eye bags is fatigue. Make sure to sleep about 7-8 hours per day. Studies have shown that 7-8 hours is the perfect amount of sleep a human body requires per day to stay healthy. Sleeping less or more is not healthy and can cause health issues that include dark under eye circles.
Sleep with head elevated. Find a few extra pillow for you bed. Sleeping with your head elevated will stop body fluids from running down into the under-eye area therefore preventing black eye circle formation.
Never sleep with makeup. Remove all makeup before going to sleep to stop it from irritating your eyes. Use a cotton pad instead of a tissue when removing makeup since it causes less irritation. Also, if you wear contact lenses, make sure to take them off during sleep as well.
Avoid rubbing your eyes. Rubbing your eyes also causes irritation, try to avoid doing it. Rubbing your eyes not only can make your eye bags or dark circles larger but will worsen any eye allergies as well.

Get a full knowledge from: dark circle 101.


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