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{-(How to) Hack your s60v3, s60v5 and Anne/Belle phones-}

The hacking method described in this post also works perfectly well in all older Symbian^3/Anna phones updated with Nokia Belle firmware and also Some s60v5 phones With this hack you can install any unsigned applications without "unable to install, Certificate error" problems.

{-Bring Back your Belle photo and video editor-}

On Some S60v3 mobile phones, it is noticed that after updating the Anna version to Belle,the default photo and video editor is vanished. So u can bring it back from here:

{~ Tips and Tricks for your S40 mobile phone ~}

Hello Friend! Here i come with some tips and tricks for your most favorite mobile phone, the Nokia s40. (All tricks and tips for Nokia Series40 (S40) phone like Nokia Asha series, Nokia X3 and C3 Touch and Type, X3, C3, 5310, 6131, 6280, 6300, 6500, 8800 etc goes here.) Such as..  
Nokia s40 v1 [128x128]:- 2626,2660,3100,3108,3120,3128,3200,3220,3300,5100,5140,6020, 6021,6100,6108,6200,6220,6230,6610,6800,6810,6820,7200,7210,7250, 7260,7270,7600.

{- Top 5 Alternatives of Google Adsense -}

Getting Google Adsense is  very difficult nowadays specially in Bangladesh and other Asian countries. I have applied many times for Adsense but everytime got rejected by error "Page type Issue". Well this prompted me to search for Google Adsense Alternatives.

[ How to Minimize your s40 mobile phone aplications ]

Good news for all nokia s40 v5 and 6th users. Yup! we can now minimize java applications or send them to background. And can almost run 5 applications at the same time


1] Open the jar application with WinRAR via PC

[Improve your dial-up modem performance]

Improve your dial-up modem performance:

You can't assume that just because you connected at a speed like 48.3KBps that you will stay there.
Today's modems automatically fall back to a lower speed if the line noise is too high to maintain a faster connection, but sometimes they fall back too soon or too far.

[Increase Your Bandwidth Limitation]

HELLO FRIENDS,BY THIS TRICK U CAN INCREASE UR BANDWIDTH BY 20%. IT IS TRUTH. Microsoft reserve 20% bandwidth for their update purpose. You can free all your bandwidth doing this: