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{-Bring Back your Belle photo and video editor-}

On Some S60v3 mobile phones, it is noticed that after updating the Anna version to Belle,the default photo and video editor is vanished. So u can bring it back from here:
(To install  these apps ur phone must be hacked, read it here)

"Same thing happened to me after upgrading my N8 to Belle refresh. I did hard reset before upgrading, so that may be the reason. Unfortunately, I am not able to get photo and video editor back (I'm missing pdf viewer also)."
in that case try this: show-all-np.sis
Discription: If ur phone is hacked try this. Its a mod made by NP for s60v5(try also s60v3). It shows both video and photo editors along with other useful icons like profile, themes, etc.

If those fails then u can try these: 
* photo and video editor: 16mb
Install this on Drive C:
pic:1. videophoto2.jpg pic.2.videophoto3.jpg
Thank you for reading. :)


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