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{- How to enable Bangla on your mobile phone and PC -}

Here are lots of  tips or tricks and configurations for viewing Bangla on your Mobile/PC/Laptop.

Video Tutorial:
This is a small video tutorial for configuring bangla on your java enabled mobile phones. Must see...

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Bangla Fonts in OPERA Mini: 

  1. At first we must have Opera mini installed on mobile. If u don't have this, then Download the appropriate version from here>>'Opera Mini'
  2. Now open your Opera Mini, and press # and 1 or go to address bar(see on the picture1)
  3. Then remove that www. and type about:config and press go(enter),
  4. Now you will find a Power user setting page, 
  5. Scroll down to the end of  that page, you will find "User bitmap fonts for complex scripts" change this setting to YES  and save it.(see picture2)
  6. Ohh hooo!!! You have done it :) 
Now you can freely enjoy Bangla or any other local languages(bangla,hindi,tamil,chinese,etc.), it won't be boxed no more.. Opera will show that language in front of u. You can see like this. But one thing:- it will increase your data usage. So think it and do it.
Demo:  আমার সোনার বাংলা , আমি তোমায় ভালবাসি.

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Bangla Fonts in OPERA MOBILE:

“How to See Bangla Fonts in OPERA MOBILE”

1.Download "SiyamRupali.ttf from Here

2. Then go to E:>System>Apps>Opera Mobile>Fonts2 (U CAN USE PC or X-PLORE TO GO THERE)

3. In Fonts2 folder there will be a font file named "DroidSans.ttf"

4. Move "DroidSans.ttf" to E:>System>Apps>Opera Mobile>Fonts

5. Now Copy the downloaded: "SiyamRupali.ttf" to E:>System>Apps>Opera Mobile>Fonts2


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Font Set-up For Desktop or Laptop ComputerWindows Operating System )

unicode setup :

1. Download IComplex 2.0.0 from Here.
2. Install it (click Install Complex Script Button)

font setup :

1. download solaimanlipi font   from Here.
2. go through  Start menu → Run... [write FONTS & Press Enter key]
3. A window containing hundreds of fonts will open
4. copy ur downloaded Solaimanlipi font and Paste in this Window

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for firefox browser :

1. go to :  tools → options → content → default font : select solaimanlipi
2. click  advanced
3. here , select "bengali" in fonts for AND select Solaimanlipi in serif, sans-serif & monospace
4. default character encoding : select Unicode (UTF-8)

Font Smoothing :

@  go to ur desktop → right click mouse and go to Properties  →  Appearance → Effects → select "clear type" in use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts → apply and ok

@ now restart PC

For any help please comment here. Thank you for visiting.

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  3. wow! Great! Really am gonna try these out. Thanks man!

  4. bro, how can i write bangla from my mobile? Is there any way to write through mobile phones?
    By the way, thanks 4 this tips. now i can read bangla newspapers directly on mobile. Nice.

  5. The font u provided, isn't working, i mean to say download link may be invalid. You may try this one.

  6. See here if you want to write bangla online, the BANGlish style:> https://www.facebook.com/BanglaStatus


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