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{~ Tips and Tricks for your S40 mobile phone ~}

Hello Friend! Here i come with some tips and tricks for your most favorite mobile phone, the Nokia s40. (All tricks and tips for Nokia Series40 (S40) phone like Nokia Asha series, Nokia X3 and C3 Touch and Type, X3, C3, 5310, 6131, 6280, 6300, 6500, 8800 etc goes here.) Such as..  
Nokia s40 v1 [128x128]:- 2626,2660,3100,3108,3120,3128,3200,3220,3300,5100,5140,6020, 6021,6100,6108,6200,6220,6230,6610,6800,6810,6820,7200,7210,7250, 7260,7270,7600.

Nokia s40 v2 [128x160]:- 2630,3110,3500,5070,5200,6060,6061,6070,6085,6101,6133,6102,6103,6111,6112,6151,6170,6255,7360

Nokia s40 [208x208]:- 6230i , 8800
Nokia s40 v3 [240x320]:- 5300,5610,6131,6233,6234,6267,6270,6280,6282,6288,6300,6500,6555,7370,7373,7390,7500

And here's the tips and tricks for Ur mobile phone....

[1.] Hide your Folder Icon in Nokia S40 mobile:- Rename ur folder with .ota extension (for ex. Rename Folder1 to Folder1.ota).

[2.] Decorate your mobile gallery in Nokia S40:- Rename your folder to .nth extension. (For Ex. Folder.nth ) It will show the theme icon on ur desire folder.

[3.] Increase volume of radio and Music Player in nokia s40:- Go to setting >> enhancement setting >> use text phone > turn it to YES.

[4.] Want to hang your friends mobile?:- Go to your message editor, write any 25 letters followed by dots....... Like this.. Dots should be more dan 120. Now send this msg to ur frnd., and see the magic ( * Work with only s30 mobiles like 1100, 1110. 1208, 2100 etc. *)

[5.] Hide Folder without any Software in Nokia S40 phones

This trick is very simple friends.You don't need anything for this trick. Just simply follow the steps and your work will be done.
i. Create a folder of any name like abc.
ii. Move the files you want to hide.
iii. Now just add the extension .jad (if you have abc folder, rename it to abc.jad).
iv. Now create another folder in same directory with the same name but different extension of .jar. (example abc.jar)
now your main folder(abc.jad) will hide and it will not be shown(only shows the abc.jar, the abc.jad is hidden.) To see the original folder, Simply rename(any name without extension) the visible folder and your hidden folder will appear. This trick is tested and it's free from any side effect. So enjoy hiding your private data. ;)

[6.] Minimize your s40 Nokia mobile apps:- First we need to  PC and Win-RAR software, for edit the .jar application,
First Download your application in computer (application must have .jar file format) and open with Win-Rar, don't extract the .jar file because it’s not easy to update, ok after that we can see  a folder “META-INF” the folder contain “MANIFEST.MF “ file, this file is a text version, Just open is text editor and add the two permissions “Nokia-MIDlet-auto- start: no “ “Nokia-MIDlet-no-exit: true” then save and exit. Everything is done. Send edited .jar file to Nokia phone. Sometime this application runtime phone is very slow because java heap (like a memory) is very low in java based mobile phones

Here am attached screenshots of this methods.

... Enjoy.

[7.] Copy the Copyrighted Tones, Games and Themes in Nokia S40:-
i. Go to Nokia's Default Browser. How to Open Default Browser. Go To. Music Player--> Options--> Downloads--> Go To Address--> Erase "rtsp://"
ii. Copy the following Commands:-
For Themes:


For Tones:

file:///c:/predefgallery/predeftones/predefringtones/Nokia Tone.aac

For Games:

file:///c:/predefgallery/predefjava/predefgames/Racing 3D.jar

iii. Rename the File name to whatever that you want to copy.
iv. Save the file to Memory Card.

[8.] Multi-tasking..
Hi friends! Here's the trick to use any application(bolt, opera mini, any others) and phone default browser at a time. i.e multi-tasking..
i)Go to your contact settings, select only the phone memory in use.
ii)Now go to PTT in menu, go to ptt settings; PTT default key>Open contact list
iii)Now open any application.
iv)Now press volume upper key.
v)Add contacts; Enter manually; Options; Add details; Tones; Tones downloads; Options; New bookmarks;
vi)Now enter any address you want to browse through the web browser
vii)Here you are! So enjoy.. Similarly i used airtel 2 apn trick in my Nokia 3110c free.

With this trick you can record FM broadcast in amr format. First download a java application named XploreME in your phone. Now switch on the radio and play it through the loudspeaker. Now open XploreME and select the Record option. You will see two fields, first field is to set the folder you want to save the recorded file and the second field is for choosing the time limit of recording. If you have a memory card, write E:/ in the first field. Now press Ok and start recording. After recording, you will find the file inside your memory card. 

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