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[5 Ways To Get More BackLinks in Less Time]

If you run a blog or website then you  probably already know that getting  links is one of the most important,  and at the same time, most time  consuming thing. Yesterday we have  posted about 5 Working link building  tips which reflects some useful ways  to build links for your blog. Here are some of the new ways to get  more backlinks while spending relatively less time,

Add a “Link To This Post/Page” Box in Each Article’s Footer
Most of your readers may also have a blog but remember that a very few of them know HTML. So even if they want to link to your articles, they can’t because they don’t know how to do that. So help them by creating a link to this article box in your sidebar. It will be something like this,

<textarea rows="3" cols="50" onclick="select();"><a href="http://www.yoursiteurl.com/the-best-article-ever.html">Your Article Title</a></textarea>

If you use a wordpress blog, then you can use this code to automatically generate the box,

<textarea rows="3" cols="50" onclick="select();"><a href="&lt;?php the_permalink(); ?&gt;">&lt;?php the_title(); ?&gt;</a></textarea>

Make sure that this code is in wordpress loop.

Dominate Discussion Forums
Google for discussion forums in your niche. Then register and start participating in various discussions and try to post links to your site while solving others problems.
Also, don’t forget to add a link to your site in your forum’s signature.

Profit From Bad Guys
Create an RSS feed for your website and add at least one link to your site in each of your articles. This way you’ll get hundreds of back links from scrappers. I know that these are not quality links but still, if you are going to be scrapped, you might as well get some links out of that.

Twisted Article Directory Method
Publish articles on article directories like ezinearticles and goarticles. It may take some time for the articles to get approved, but once they are approved, you’ll continuously see more and more back links to your site as many bloggers publish articles from article directories and due to their TOS, they have to keep your links in the article.

The Customary Quality Content Advice
Write quality content. Yes, I know that this advice has been repeated so many times that you are ready to kill me for writing it again. But believe me, if you spend some time in creating good content, this may be the only thing you need to do as people will automatically link back to quality content.


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