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In this article i will show you how to install MikroTik Router OS on a PCs. Just relax..because this step is very simple and easy to practice at your home. I will Guide you how to install the Router OS step by step. Prepare your pc with minimum requirement: Intel Pentium 3 or pentium 4 with minimal 512 MB storage ( HDD ) and 64 MB Physical Memory. You should buy minimal 1 NIC or Network address Card because the NIC will be used to connetcing the client trhough the internet( On Board and New NIC ). For the first steps, Download the Router OS from official Mikrotik website at this link www.mikrotik.com/download.html and Select system type with PC / x86, Select software type with all version. Download the iso's file. When i wrote this article, The last version of Mikrotik router OS is OS 5.7.


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