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Wishing well 
Giving money instead of gifts is a well established concept. The wishing well serves as a tasteful way to introduce your preference for monetary weddings gifts to guests. Here is a description of how wishing wells work:

Choosing A Wishing Well: Select a wishing well that is best suited for requirements. Some wishing wells can be small, so if you are having a larger wedding, be sure to hire a larger wishing well. Ensure that the envelope slot is the adequate length for the size of card that you expect to receive. Wishing wells are designed to look as glamorous as their setting. Choose a well that fits in with your decor and suits the "look and feel" of your wedding theme. Alternatively, you can choose a simple design and decorate the wishing well to match your theme.

Sydney Wishing Well Hire

Wishing wells for hire include a wishing well poem for helping to introduce the concept to guests with tasteful etiquette. Delivery within the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney is free. For all other locations in the Greater Sydney area they delivers  wishing wells for a value of $15. If you would like to pick up the wishing well after your event they can do this for only $15.

There are four options to choose :
  • Romantic Indulgence - Medium Size Wishing Well For Hire

  • Timber Warmth - Medium Size Wishing Well For Hire

  • Classic Charm - Small Size Wishing Well For Hire

  • Well of Good Fortune - Large Size Wishing Well For Hire

You can see this in detail from here:Sydney Wishing Well Hire.


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