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Free Configure MIKROTIK ROUTER OS Tutorial Download

Mikrotik Free Download
After i wrote article about how to install Router OS on a Pc's, Now i will show you how to configure the Mikrotik Router OS as a Internet Gateways. For your information, to setup the Mikrotik Router OS you can use some metode. First, We can configure directly from the pc's . Just turn on the pc and you will show the login screen after the boot process finished.

Second : We can use the small tools from mikrotik with Grapic user Interface,The tools is a magic tools, Mikrotik give the name as Winbox . But on this article i will guide you to setting up the router Os with the first methode. Unfortunetly with this methode you will setup the router with command line interface. But don't worry, you can copy paste my configuration for the first time before you understand the command line function.


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