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Step by Step Configure test Net Meeting in Windows XP

Microsoft introduced the NetMeeting application to allow for VoIP communications and video conferencing. NetMeeting used the H.323protocol for video conferencing and was also compatible with OpenH323 clients like Ekiga and Internet Locator Service (ILS). It also allowed for application and desktop sharing, remote desktop sharing and transfer of files between client computers.Ok I will discuss
Step by Step Configure test Net Meeting in Windows XP
  1. Click Start and select Run:
  2. In Run box, type conf.exe and click OK
  3. In the NetMeeting window, click Next
  4. Fill in your name, email address, and location info, then click Next
  5. Click off "Log on to directory server when NetMeeting starts", then click Next
  6. Select the network connection you are using, than click Next (On campus, select Local Area Network)
  7. Select "Put a shortcut to NetMeeting on my desktop", and click Next.
  8. In Audio Tuning Wizard window, click Next.
  9. In Audio Tuning Wizard window, adjust the speaker or headphone volume and click Next.
  10. When finished adjusting settings, click Finish.
NetMeeting setup is now complete.An icon will be displayed on the desktop. (During startup, if Windows XP Firewall attempts to block NetMeeting, click Unblock.
The NetMeeting main window


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