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Dallas Magician by ☼⊱~◖ray2ker◗~⊰☼
Dallas Magician

Magic is the claimed art of manipulating  aspects of  reality either by  supernatural means or  through knowledge  of occult  laws unknown  to our science. Magic has  been practiced in all  cultures.The Dallas magician Slick, performs his best and he knows  what tricks to do for audiences.
 For younger audiences, we will see the pictures of volunteers and rabbits will be beautifully dressed-up nicely as magicians, to be help with age-appropriate magical tricks.And the older viewers amazed as Slick magically pushed a long sword through someone’s neck, vanishes objects or materials with expert tricks of his hand, sticks a  card to the ceiling and so so. Slick’s lots of magical show as a full of comedy routines, you can recognize that just one skill like a best magic, fire stunts, juggling and many more! Don't forget about Slick’s famous magical comedy strait jacket escape that leaving the audience’s sides splitting. There is no event is too smaller, bigger, or goes far away. He is too good in magic.

As the only professional and skilled entertainer who combines  the magic and his music in the whole show, not only will you be able to see the amazing fetchers of magic, but you will also realize the main magic and be familiar with some of the best musical artists of all time.

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