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Wishing well 
Giving money instead of gifts is a well established concept. The wishing well serves as a tasteful way to introduce your preference for monetary weddings gifts to guests. Here is a description of how wishing wells work:

On The Wedding Day: It is advisable ask another guest or member of the bridal party to direct guests towards the wishing well so they know where to submit there cards and contributions. If needed this person can show your guests how to deposit the card. We suggest that you place the well some where with high visibility so that all your guests can see it. Placing the well on a large table is also advisable, since some guests may bring gifts and you will need somewhere to store them for the event.

Wishing Well Hire Sydney

You can Hire Eastern Suburbs of Sydney for free. For all other locations in the Greater Sydney area we deliver our wishing wells for a value of $15. If you would like us to pick up the wishing well after your event we can do this for $15.

There are 4 concept for you.

1. Well of Good Fortune - Large Size Wishing Well For Hire: With its grand stature and unique design this wishing well is sure to impress your guests.

2. Romantic Indulgence - Medium Size Wishing Well For Hire: This wishing well looks great in almost every wedding setting.

3. Timber Warmth - Medium Size Wishing Well For Hire: With its classic wooden finish this wishing well has a warm feel to it. Its simple design makes it the perfect blank canvas. She is about 89cm from base to tip. The base is 28cm tall and about 30cm wide.

4. Classic Charm - Small Size Wishing Well For Hire: This wishing well has a lacquered timber finish. Its glossy appearance makes it a beautiful focal point at any event. This wishing well is about 51cm from base to tip. The base is 21cm tall and about 24cm wide.

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