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Description: Wishing well
Giving money instead of gifts is a well established concept. The wishing well serves as a tasteful way to introduce your preference for monetary weddings gifts to guests. Here is a description of how wishing wells work:

Decide On Decorations: Wishing wells look magnificent in their own right, however, you can choose to decorate your wishing well to add that extra fine touch. Many people choose to dress their wells up with flowers, balloons and/or ribbons. It is best to co-ordinate your decorations with your florist. This is because floral decorations need to match the floral design of your wedding, otherwise the well may look out of place. All decorations must be non-permanent. 

Wishing well for hire

Every couple after marriage faces the bare needs of familiar life. At that time they expect the meaningful gifts from their guests which really allow them to start a new life with good feelings. Wishing well for hire is the most popular way to communicate with the guests about expected wedding gifts. A hired wishing well with a good poem or with a note from heart is the most impressive way to tell the guests about necessity.

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